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Alameda Education Association


Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus

Alameda Firefighters

Alameda Labor Council

Community Leaders

Mia Bonta

AUSD School Board President

Mike McMahon

Former AUSD School Board Member

Bill Schaff

Former AUSD School Board Member

Margie Sherratt

Former AUSD School Board Member

Cindy Zecher

President, CSEA 27

Tanya Harris

Principal, Otis Elementary

Bryan Schwartz

Chair, Alameda Open Government Commission

Henry Mills

AHS Student School Board Member

Dr. Ardella Dailey

AUSD School Board Member
"I am proud to endorse Beth Aney for election to the AUSD Board of Education. I have seen Beth advocate for students and witnessed her deep commitment to equity in our schools. Beth's hard work as Chairperson of the Measure A parcel tax campaign ensured teachers and staff received a much-deserved raise that will help to retain and attract high-quality employees in our schools. I am confident Beth will be a strong leader and will make informed decisions based on our shared community values."
Dr. Ardella Dailey
Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Alysse Castro

Former AUSD Principal
"Beth maintains a selfless and tireless commitment to making our school system work every student. "
Alysse Castro
Former AUSD Principal

Community Supporters

Amanda Shavers

Alameda Measure B1 Campaign Treasurer
"I’ve yet to collaborate with anyone as passionate about island-wide equity as Beth. Beth is a patient listener, thoughtful speaker, tireless researcher, and brings warmth and approachability to every room she enters. I’m excited to support her as School Board Member and proud to call her 'friend'."
Amanda Shavers

Alicia Cernitz

Teacher Member of AUSD's Jewish Education Roundtable
"I can’t say enough about Beth Aney. She has done so much work with equity and inclusion and PTA in Alameda. I worked with her when we started the first Equity and Inclusion Elementary Committee at Otis Elementary. She always gets the job done! She has my vote and support!"
Alicia Cernitz

Jeff Chorney

Alameda County Deputy Public Defender
"I worked closely with Beth and think she’d make a great board member."
Jeff Chorney

Kristan LaVietes

"Beth is extremely knowledgeable about, and committed to, equitable education, and she has strong partnerships that will make things happen."
Kristan LaVietes

Brina Siv

"Beth Aney would be a fantastic addition to our school board in Alameda. She has a tremendous amount of experience in PTA leadership roles both at the school site level and district-wide (and of course as a parent volunteer) and brings a lens of practicality, equity, and optimism in her approach to problem solving. Beth is insightful about the ways in which we can improve the educational experience for all of our children and thoughtful about the realistic nature of the challenges we face as a district. She has the rare of gift of being a tremendous leader when necessary, but also a wonderful person to collaborate and work with."
Brina Siv

Mike Henneberry - -

"I know the hard work and dedication that goes into being an effective school board member. I am positive Beth has what it takes to succeed in this important endeavor."
Mike Henneberry

Gretchen Hoff Varner

"Beth is not just a smart, thoughtful leader: she also makes things happen. In the past two years, I've watched her lead the campaign to increase teacher salaries, fight for equity in programming and resources across the island, and advocate for parents and kids at school board meetings. She is ready to lead on Day One, even in the midst of these extraordinarily challenging times."
Gretchen Hoff Varner

Don & Margie Sherratt

"Beth is highly knowledgeable and qualified to serve on the Alameda School Board."
Don & Margie Sherratt

Kitty Aquino-Esparrago

"Beth Aney has been a reliable, kind-hearted leader in our community. She genuinely cares about our schools and families. She is everything I want as a representative and advocate on our Board of Education."
Kitty Aquino-Esparrago

Sharon Guy

Former teacher Juvenile justice reform advocate

Christine Whitfield Chilcott

CEO, Girls Inc. Island City

Kristin Mateer Heckman

Executive Director, East Bay Children's Law Office

Vicki Sedlack

Gaylon Parsons

Shivaun McDonald

Ximena de la Barrera

Jeanette Abe

Jessie Li

Suki Gear

David Crotty

Ilana Kohn

Rich & Stephanie Lapachet

Brian & Kristy Alexander

Anne MacPherson Rogers

Mike Weber

Michelle Brown

Heather Burns

Louise Cochrane

Shelly Sheppard

Noel Rabinowitz

Shar Marsh

Leona Toves

Ezra Denney

Kristy Carling

Ron Parodi

Tina & Bob Kreitz

Suzi & Daniel Owens

Emi Johnson

Owner, Island Notary

Page Tomblin

Sarah Olaes

Heather Reed

Brianne Schmeider

Greg & Wenilda Sligh

John & Jenne Barbey

Jim & Tania Araujo

Sydney Zaremba

Patrice Auyong

Carlanne Foushee

Claudia Page

Vice President, Girls Inc. Island City

Ron Matthews

President of Alameda Little League

David Mitchell

Past president Alameda Planning Board

Matt Huxley

Beth Leonardo

Jyothi Marbin

"Beth stands up for kids and we need her leadership on the school board. I'm proud to vote for Beth!"
Jyothi Marbin

Bill & Lois Sonneman

Donna & Phil Conde

Kathleen Kelly

Sharmaine Moody

Retired AUSD Teacher

Marianne Carter

Vice President, Alameda Vipers

Kate Meade

Co-Founder, Alameda Arts

Scott Hester

Karin King

Kim Brooks

Phoebe Grow

Abby Williams

"Beth's confident leadership with PTA, school committees and various school events have ensured that they all have been successful."
Abby Williams

Sara & Freddy Wielandt

Sandy Calloway

"I support Beth Aney as she is demanding that tough issues like equity are inclusion be addressed at a district level. Beth Aney is creating opportunities to engage in discussion and help solve some of the toughest issues that the district is facing."
Sandy Calloway

Kevis Brownson

"I appreciate all the hard work Beth has done as a volunteer in AUSD and think her knowledge about the issues our schools face will be an asset to the board."
Kevis Brownson

Brenna Young

Olivia Higgins

Deirdre Freeman

Katherine Jonas

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